Roses Before Dawn available thru AllRomance, Smashwords, etc.

Roses Before Dawn is now available on AllRomance, Smashwords and (soon) B&N. (The delay with B&N being a tech glitch. It has to be ironed out first :))

Don’t forget that Samuel’s story in B3 of the Immortal Hearts series, To Heal an Immortal Heart, will be available in September!

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A little experimentation can do a body good…

Okay, so I’ve been trying to go about this self-publishing business “thoughtfully.”

As in, I waited until I had two solid books plus two novellas written before I tossed those babies out on the market. My theory being: if people read one book, they’ll want to read the next book. And if the next book isn’t already there? Well gee, that’s a wasted opportunity. 

But waiting to have those books done almost killed me. In fact, waiting did kill me — I meant to have the first three books of the Immortal Hearts series written before I published them.

Since waiting’s never been my strong point, I didn’t quite make it through To Heal an Immortal Heart before testing the self-publishing waters. Nope, To Heal’s going to appear somewhere around September, if the my editing-math is accurate. (I think the equation reads something like Editing Divided by Time = Need-More-Chocolate-Please-Gasp-wheeze…anywho.)

A while back I wrote Roses Before Dawn, which is a prequel to the Immortal Hearts series. Now that I’ve polished Seth Kade’s story up, and am ready to submit it, I am thinking…

KDP Select, por favor?

(“Say what?” you say, “I thought that program was evil.”)

Well see, I don’t know if KDP Select is evil or not. And Roses Before Dawn is very much a niche book. Hard to describe, hard to market, but a good read. One really never knows if something is evil unless they try it. Hence, my chocolate addiction.

Also, Roses Before Dawn sets up a good portion of the overriding plotlines for the rest of the Immortal Hearts series. I won’t actively be disrupting the records for any already-published books to test my “experiment.” I plan to add Roses Before Dawn to B&N and Kobo (and maybe iBookstore, if my blood pressure survives another foray into that submission program from hell) after Amazon’s 90-day exclusivity is up.

Finally, Amazon has been good to me while B&N sales are slower than, ah, well…hell. As for poor little Kobo — which I have only very recently added my books to — well, Kobo hasn’t really had a fighting chance yet.

Okay, so…KDP Select, here we come.

Work-In-Progress blurb for Roses Before Dawn

Here’s the work-in-progress blurb for Roses Before Dawn:

The year is 1780, the place is Nouvelle Orleans. The people are Kaspians: immortal shape-shifting tigers who are as old as time itself. Or, at least, some of them are. Not so old is shy Margaret Francis who, at twenty-two, is considered a “baby” in the Kaspian world.

But shy Margaret has a problem: an undeniable attraction to the sharp-tongued half-blind telepathist Seth Kade.

Margaret hates telepathists.

If Kaspians had princes, those princes would be the Kades. And everything about Seth’s behavior indicates he expects to be treated accordingly. First, he tries to buy Margaret. Then he tries to seduce Margaret. Finally, Seth Marques Margaret…which, according to Seth, means that Margaret is his amati and will always be his. As if he owns her. Like a slave.

Margaret isn’t so pleased.

For Seth, Margaret represents children, a future, and happiness. Seth will only have one amati, and he can’t afford to let Margaret slip through his fingers. When it comes to love, enough tragedy has struck his family, and Seth refuses to be next.

Too bad Margaret is so exasperatingly shy. So infuriatingly stubborn.

So terribly vulnerable.

With Margaret’s grand-père rallying Kaspians to take over the New World, there is more danger than ever. While the Kades might be tempted to her grand-père’s cause, Margaret’s grand-père is far from noble: he has abused Margaret in the past, and now he wants her father and brother dead.

Seth can be vexing, but he has a je ne sais quoi that draws Margaret like a moth to a flame. But one problem: Seth refuses to understand that Margaret’s family means as much to her as his does to him.

In the end, Margaret will have to choose between the man she is growing to love and the family she treasures above anything else.

Book cover for Roses Before Dawn

Book cover for Roses Before Dawn

Seth Kade’s story is going to be available through Kindle, Kobo and B&N at the end of the week! Quick note about this book: unlike the other Immortal Hearts novels, this one is a prequel to the series, and so is set in New Orleans in the year 1780.

I’ve finally posted the preview for this book on my site (easily reachable by clicking on the cover pic). I don’t know, but there’s just something delicious about Seth and all his ruthless grumpiness. 🙂